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Custom-made Ceramic
and Glass Components

Shipping and Returns

Method of delivery

The method of delivery is selected in order to give safe and rapid delivery; we normally use a door-to-door courier service although alternative methods may be used depending on the materials ordered.

Delivery times

We can only undertake to despatch an order on a particular date.  The date of delivery at the customer's address is subject to the normal variations of the delivery service used.


If we have notified you of despatch of goods and you have not received delivery within 7 working days, please contact us.


All consignments will be insured by us against the usual risks unless we are instructed in writing to the contrary.

Export Restrictions

A UK Government export license may be required for some items to some destinations. If the item you require needs a special export license or an end-use statement we will inform you at the time you orders

Materials Handling

Some ceramic and glass materials are inherently brittle, and it is essential every care is taken when handling them.

All materials are carefully packed to ensure safe transport of goods to your address. We do not accept responsibility for damage caused by mishandling once the outer transit packaging has been removed.

Returns and Claims


We will only accept return of goods provided we are contacted BEFORE the goods are returned. When we agree to the return we will issue a Goods Return Number and give instructions for the method of return of the goods. Goods will not be accepted for return without a valid Goods Return Number.


Great care is taken during manufacture and packing, and all items are carefully inspected before shipment. Any claim in respect of short delivery, incorrect material or defective quality must be notified to us in writing within three days of delivery. Please retain ALL packaging for our inspection. Our liability for any such claim shall not exceed the cost of replacement of the goods free of charge, or crediting the customer with the invoice value thereof.

Goods ordered in error

We do not accept responsibility for customers' errors in ordering. The amount of credit for returned goods will be at our discretion. Where we accept returned goods a restocking charge will be made.

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